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The entire structure is a fabulous art museum where you can admire the works of the famous artist Gabriele Maquignaz in detail


Son of art, since childhood he showed a propensity and talent for creative dexterity, which during maturity will result in a physical and spiritual need to express himself through painting and sculpture. "

Personal research around the themes of death and life, a true obsession for the artist severely tested by personal experiences, is an essential element of his art, around which to experiment and research first of all the essence of himself.

The meeting with François Thévénin, a well-known sculptor from Cannes, marks a decisive turning point in Maquignaz's creations.

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“Maison de Dolphe” is a romantic and charming chalet, incomparable for style and good taste. The owners, Nicole and Gabriele, mixed their great passion and devotion with a bit of ambition in order to restore this ancient building betting on luxury and style. The idea to use the whole chalet comes from the need to offer to the guests a cosy house provided with the best and exclusive services. “Maison de Dolphe” is a charming lodge to share with beloved people, with friend or with the own family. In this ancient “rascard” you will find a comfortable house dipped into the nature where to be cuddled and spoiled.


The Outside

The emotional travel starts on the way which leads to the chalet, through the charming wood of Col du Joux or along the road of Ayas Valley. “Maison de Dolphe” is a fusion of different words: elegance, charm, refinement, extreme luxury.



“La Maison de Dolphe” is an ancient and charming “rascard” (old Aosta Valley house) dating back to the early of the nineteenth century which is nowadays an historic document. The external façade, completely restored with quicklime and ancient pinewood, gives a touch of the fascinating atmosphere of the past. The chalet, encircled by hundred of sweet-smelling roses and simple mountain flowers, offers a wonderful and breathtaking view on Brusson lake and on the whole Ayas Valley.


The Interiors  

The elegance and softness of the alpine textiles, the incredible richness of the furnishings specially created for the chalet, the exclusiveness of the works of art create the ideal place to spend unforgettable moments with the most beloved people.


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